I don't own the Zaurus anymore so there won't be any updates to this section. I'll keep it online for historical reasons and for reference. The feed will also stay online but won't get any updates or changes anymore.


The Sharp Zaurus

The Zaurus is a Linux-PDA made by Sharp. The current models are only sold officialy in Japan, but there are several companys who import them to Europe or the USA. In the photo you can see my SL-C1000 with WIFI-CF card showing my page in Opera (click the image for larger version).


General Hardware Info

CPU Intel XScale PXA270, 416MHz
Flash NAND-Flash 128MB
Screen 3,7'' Backlit TFT, 640×480, 65536 colors, Touchscreen
Expansion Slots CF Type II, SD
Interfaces IrDA, USB Client+Host, 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Keyboard English QWERTY Layout + additional japanese keys
Dimensions 124 x 87 x 25 mm
Weight ~280g

My Additional Hardware

Ambicom WL1100C-CF

Ambicom WL1100C-CF

This is a really tiny CF-Wifi card from ambicom. It's based on the prism2 chipset and should work out of the box with most ROMs. After flashing the firmware from 1.3.6 to 1.7.4 this card does WPA(2) without problems on Cacko.

LinkSys USB200M

Linksys USB200M

A USB-Stick sized USB-to-Ethernet adaptor. Works out of the Box with Cacko.

Sitecom CN-512 BT Stick

Sitecom CN-512 BT Stick

Tiny USB-Bluetooth 2.0 stick which also works out of the box.



There are four major ROMS for the Zaurus (C-Series) at the moment: Sharps original, Cacko, OpenZaurus and PDAXROM. (see here for a comparison). I'm currently using Cacko-ROM, which is based on the original Sharp-ROM but has a lot of the bugs fixed and many advanced features along with a enhanced kernel. I use the “lite” verson of Cacko which is just the basic ROM so you can install only the Software you want.

Programs and Setup

Since there is a lot to say about Programs and Setup I split this into subpages:, forums and wiki about zaurus and other embedded devices
linuxontour.deGerman forums and Zaurus Portal
CackoHome of Cacko-ROM and Kino2
Cacko feedipkg feed for Cacko
sharpromfeedOE-compiled packages for Sharp/Cacko and other misc downloads
OpenZaurusHome of OpenZaurus
SL-Series ipkgsLots of console and X11 progs compiled for sharp-compatible ROMs
More ipkgsSite with some interesting ipkgs (take a look at the “feed” directory)
PRISM2 FlashingHowto for flashing prism2-firmware, needed for most older (prism-based) WLAN-CF cards to get WPA working
Meanies Zaurus PageOne of the best zaurus-resources out there, Tons of info! Also home of pdaxQTrom and other great stuff
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