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Welcome to my site! I will write here about Arch Linux, open source, my Jolla Devices, Raspberry Pi and other stuff that interests me. Have fun looking around! If you have questions, suggestions or corrections feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Blog Posts

Network-wide AdBlock with TomatoUSB

Recently I read about setting up an ad-blocking accesspoint using a Raspberry Pi on Adafruit. I quite like the idea of having ad-blocking as a centralized part of the network, especially when using a tablet or smartphone to access the Internet. Mobile devices often don't have good Ad-Blockers available or they cost a lot of performance. So in this post I will show how I integrated ad-blocking functionality into my router using the mentioned post as an inspiration.

Creating a separate Guest Network with Tomato

A neighboor recently asked me if he could get access to my wireless network for internet access (with paying me some Euro/month for it). Problem with this was in my current setup giving access to the wireless would mean to give complete access to my network and so to all my machines smb-shares and so on. So I needed a solution to have a seperate network with the neighboors PCs that only has access to internet but not to my LAN. In the following I will explain how I did this with a Linksys WRT54GL router running the latest version of the Tomato firmware.

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