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Welcome to my site! I will write here about Arch Linux, open source, my Jolla Devices, Raspberry Pi and other stuff that interests me. Have fun looking around! If you have questions, suggestions or corrections feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

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n900-encode.py - Version 1.2.1

And again its time for a new version of n900-encode.py. This time its only minor fixes and a more robust error handling. Thanks to Andrwe for support with the bughunting :) You can get the new version on my Github Page as always. Let me know what you think in the comments below or open an issue on GitHub for bugs and feature requests.

n900-encode.py - Version 1.2

And here is the next version of my n900-encode.py script. Notable new features are CRF-Encoding as an addition to average bitrate encoding and some tweaks for N9 friendly videos, since I have a N9 now 8-) (no worries, the videos still work fine on the N900). The CRF-Encoding is turned on by using a video bitrate below 52, which is then interpreted as the CRF-Factor. The default setting is now CRF with a factor of 22. Also the usage of styled (SSA/ASS) subtitles is now turned on by default. As usual get it from my GitHub page and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

n900-encode.py - New Version

Today I released a new version of my N900-encode.py script. Version 1.1 is now aviable on my GitHub. This version now runs on python 2 and python 3 alike. Also it uses ffmpeg for encoding the video and mplayer for decoding. Further Information about the usage may be found on the original post here. If you see any bugs or problems feel free to leave a comment below.

New Version: n900-encode.py 0.2

Since the first version had problems with the resulting videos beeing out of sync I have rewritten the encoding part to use mencoder. Also you can now use CRF encoding mode in addition to Constant Bitrate encoding. The new version can be obtained from the original site here on my page or from my GitHub Repository. As always I'd like to hear about any bugs, problems, or possible improvements that you might find. Have fun with the new version.

n900-encode.py: Create N900-friendly MP4-Videos

Today I present a (relatively) simple script that I wrote to convert videos to a format suitable for viewing on the Nokia N900. I know that there are many solutions for doing this, but none could handle subtitles (especially styled ones like SSA) well. Also I wanted the script to be scriptable, e.g. for converting a whole directory. Finally its a follow-up from my old n800-encode.sh script. So here is my solution to creating N900-friendly MP4:

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