Welcome to my Site

Welcome to my site! I will write here about Arch Linux, open source, my Jolla Devices, Raspberry Pi and other stuff that interests me. Have fun looking around! If you have questions, suggestions or corrections feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Blog Posts

Update Blogtng to Sqlite3

Since my distribution of choice updated to PHP 5.4 a while ago and the first modules of the old PHP 5.3 started to fail due to missing dependencies I had to update my server to PHP 5.4.

Dokuwiki Update [Now on "Anteater"]

UPDATE 2: Since the new release aka “Anteater” is out this site is now using it :-)

UPDATE: The Site is now on RC2 “Busy Wednesday”. I'm still interested in any problems you may encounter.

I have updated the page to the latest Dokuwiki Release Candidate (rc2010-10-07). If you see any problems or bugs I would appreciate If you could inform me so I may forward the bugs to the dokuwiki developers before the final Release.

Site now using blogtng

Today I switched my dokuwiki installation from the old blog-plugin and the necessary support plugins to the new blogtng-plugin. As far as I can see everything is running fine again after some customization and adjustments. If you find anything that isn't working as expected or looks wrong I would appreciate a comment so I can correct it.

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