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Welcome to my site! I will write here about Arch Linux, open source, my Jolla Devices, Raspberry Pi and other stuff that interests me. Have fun looking around! If you have questions, suggestions or corrections feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Blog Posts

n900-encode.py - Version 1.2

And here is the next version of my n900-encode.py script. Notable new features are CRF-Encoding as an addition to average bitrate encoding and some tweaks for N9 friendly videos, since I have a N9 now 8-) (no worries, the videos still work fine on the N900). The CRF-Encoding is turned on by using a video bitrate below 52, which is then interpreted as the CRF-Factor. The default setting is now CRF with a factor of 22. Also the usage of styled (SSA/ASS) subtitles is now turned on by default. As usual get it from my GitHub page and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

n900-encode.py - New Version

Today I released a new version of my N900-encode.py script. Version 1.1 is now aviable on my GitHub. This version now runs on python 2 and python 3 alike. Also it uses ffmpeg for encoding the video and mplayer for decoding. Further Information about the usage may be found on the original post here. If you see any bugs or problems feel free to leave a comment below.

Dokuwiki Update Again

Since the awesome Dokuwiki Community released a new version this site runs now on the latest release 2011-05-25 aka “Rincewind”. As always feel free to tell me if you find any inconsistency or problems with the site.

My Mailserver Setup: Postfix + Dspam + Dovecot

In the following post I will describe how I set up the mailserver serving this domain. It is meant more or less as a reminder for myself if I ever have to set it up again. But since I think it might be a help for others searching for a (relatively) simple setup with virtual users but without the overhead of an SQL-Database that most howtos use I will put my configs and a little description here.

My userstyle.css

Since I got some requests about my userstyle.css file that I used to customize my site I decided to release it to the public. So here it is:

Dokuwiki Update [Now on "Anteater"]

UPDATE 2: Since the new release aka “Anteater” is out this site is now using it :-)

UPDATE: The Site is now on RC2 “Busy Wednesday”. I'm still interested in any problems you may encounter.

I have updated the page to the latest Dokuwiki Release Candidate (rc2010-10-07). If you see any problems or bugs I would appreciate If you could inform me so I may forward the bugs to the dokuwiki developers before the final Release.

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